Film and video By Richard Drutman

TFSP's first music video has been a great success, scoring airings on MTV2 in the US, MuchMusic in Canada and continued airings on MTV2 Europe.

Try and spot the hidden messages.

requires quicktime - 3.5 minutes. file size: 15 megs

Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

Mountain Trip To Old Japan, 1959

A medical technician decides to stop supplying his pain killer addicted brother-in-law with narcotics stolen from his job. Listed on Time Mag's site as the number 2 rated DV film on

Evan Lucacer and Ricardo Cordero meet Across The Skybridge

requires quicktime - 7.5 minutes. file size: 30 megs

In 1987 I interviewed my Grandmother about her her life and her travel to the US from Europe as a young girl. In 2002, after her death, I rediscovered the VHS tape and combined it with archival footage, family pictures, and modern day images of the unchanged building on the Lower East Side she first lived in.

This is a short excerpt.

requires quicktime - 5.5 minutes. file size: 10 megs

Politician Lyle Vanderhoff wants you to vote his way for a surprising reason.

When I created this spoof political spot in the early 1990's, there was no way I could have possibly imagined that a real politician would one day be elected that could possibly be more out of touch with reality than my fictional one.

requires quicktime - 1.5 minutes. file size: 4 megs

The Rogue Filmcop started out as a little experiment in stop animation using a still camera with my niece and nephews. I pieced together a loose story and recorded my own character voice overs.

requires quicktime - 1.5 minutes. file size: 3.5megs

Evan Lucacer develeoped a maniacal character with director Jeff Hirschorn that we shot during the crowded Halloween Parade in the West Village.

Experimental and non-linear in nature.

requires quicktime - 2 minutes. file size: 5.5megs

I created this photo montage to be projected at my nephew's Bar Mitzvah. Enjoy the "separated at Birth" comparisons.

requires quicktime - 6 minutes. file size: 30 megs